Joining Battersea Jacs

There is usually a waiting list for both swimming lessons and training sessions. Please contact the club via email to enquire about joining. There will usually be a club representative poolside during training sessions, if you are attending Tooting Leisure Centre.

When your name comes to the top of the waiting list – or if there is not a waiting list – we will contact you. If you are hoping to join the groups that are held in the main pool – either the training sessions or the Friday evening lessons – you will need to be assessed first. Assessments are carried out by one of our coaches during the training sessions on Monday evenings. (It is not possible to hold assessments on Fridays because of the number of children already in the pool.)

The coach who carries out the assessment decides whether a child should have lessons in the teaching pool or go into one of the groups swimming widths in the main pool. The decision on which group a child should go into is based on a number of factors and their proficiency across all strokes – it is not simply a matter of how fast they can swim.

When you come to your first session on a Friday evening you will be asked to fill out a Battersea Jacs membership form (which includes a members’ code of conduct) and an application form for Swim England. We’ll also give you a standing order form to send to your bank.