Returning to swimming, 4th of December

The club has received confirmation from Tooting Leisure Centre that we can return to swimming on Friday, 4th December and get in a couple of swims before Christmas. The session times will be as before at the moment, so please attend at the time you were swimming prior to the recent lockdown, ie the 20:00 or 20:50 session.

As not everyone celebrates Christmas, the leisure centre will be closed on Christmas Day (Friday, 25th December 2020) and New Years Day (Friday, 1st January 2021), so there will be no swimming sessions on these days.

If anyone still has not returned in the health check survey and returning to training declaration, please ensure you download, print and complete them, and bring them with you to the next session. Entry and exit to the leisure centre will be as before. Please remember that both parents and swimmers will need to wear a face covering upon entering the leisure centre, and if you are sitting in the gallery, where social distancing must be maintained, your face covering must remain on, covering both mouth and nose. Also, as before, do not bring anyone with you “to watch”, as it is still a requirement that only one person accompanies the swimmers (if necessary).

Kind regards and looking forward to seeing you all next week.